HuPaVir: Immunomodulation facilitates HPV clearance and lesion regression

1 May 2022by admin

Dr. Carmen Pingarrón Santofimia has discussed the new advances for the elimination of this virus at the HPV Eurogin 2022 congress.

Doctor Carmen Pingarrón (Photo. Quirónsalud)
Doctor Carmen Pingarrón (Photo. Quirónsalud)


Dr. Carmen Pingarron Santofimia, Head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Team of the Quirónsalud San José Hospital, has participated in the European HPV congress, Eurogin 2022, providing information on new advances for the elimination and control of Human papilloma virus.

Dr. pingarrón explains that the evolution of the viral process depends on the viral load and the immune response, in the case of HPV, the immune response is the most relevant factor to eliminate the virus.

According to various studies, the progression of the lesions produced by this virus affects more women who present some deficiency in the immune systemlike women with HIV or with pathologies of immunosuppression.

The doctor points out that in the case of HPV, behaves like a virus whose natural infection would only trigger cellular immunity, and the development of said immunity would occur at the local level. Currently used prophylactic vaccinations to control the disease, and therapeutic vaccines are still under development.

Dr. pingarrón insists on the importance of acting through immunomodulation to facilitate the elimination of virus and injury regression, acting orally . “The oral route is comfortable, and it also allows its use in the sexual partners of our patients.  

HuPaVir It is a product that allows us to act through immunomodulation to facilitate the elimination of the virus and the regression of lesions, acting orally

In section oral administration to eliminate the virus, proprietary molecules have been developed, such as Ditriamino (main component of HuPaVir), which are peptides derived from casein that enhance the innate immune response. Experts point out that the Ditriamino It has the advantage that it can be used in both men and women. 

To conclude, Dr. pingarrón ensures that it will be possible to improve the removal of papilloma virus with immunomodulators, as an alternative to wait see in low-grade lesions and in infections without lesion, also confirming very good results in the elimination of warts.

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