About us
William Lopez Zarco
Founder and CEO.
Guillermo Lopez i Zarco
Founder and CEO.

Dear visitor:

Welcome to our information space, I hope you find the information you are looking for about our company and our products. If not, please contact us directly.

NTD Labs is a fast growing, dynamic decision making company. We manufacture innovative products for medical needs and care, resulting in benefits for patients and consumers.

We are involved in the health of women and men, prevention and improvement of their immune system.

We believe in the transparency of the information that pharmaceutical companies have to provide about their products and components, also making them innovative and safe.

My primary consideration when bringing a new product to market is whether the product is honest and will do what we expect.

We only offer products that have a clear and documented benefit, that have a clear absorption and benefit in the short term.

So from NTD Labs you won't find products that make you feel good, even if the weather forecast isn't the best, or make you feel irresistible, or lose weight without a diet.

All of our products have clear evidence and will do what they are supposed to do.

Greetings and thanks for visiting us.

In excellent raw materials, precise research, quality active ingredients, effective doses and constant attention, to obtain the best results.


For knowing the quality, consistency and established benefit of each and every one of the ingredients that are present in our products.


Bringing quality, innovative and necessary products to the market for health professionals and consumers requires research and initiative.


We apply strict production and quality standards throughout our supply chain, all backed by rigorous scientific research.

The geography of our partners is extensive, the products are sold in many countries. NTD Labs continues to expand throughout the world through licensing and commercialization agreements. 

If your company is interested in partnering with our project in your country, please contact us.


Our products are always covered with patent protection. Fact that refers to the acceptance by an independent arbitrator of the proposal of value of use and innovation.


Our products are always covered with patent protection. Fact that refers to the acceptance by an independent arbitrator of the proposal of value of use and innovation.


With our PATENTS and the particular care with which we make our products, we establish numerous associations for export.
Taking our "know how" abroad, as an added value in a vuca market where quality for the consumer is always ahead.
Our company is equipped with a special International Business Development department with the mission of expanding our products.
Our patented products are leaders in the sector, which differentiates us from the market by giving us added value compared to the competition.


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